Saturday, November 11, 2006

Asansol: Coal Mines

India is a country, famous for a variety of flora and fauna has in its eastern part a series of coal mines. States like the West Bengal and Bihar are said to Motherland of Black Diamond Coal. In the West Bengal, if the state's largest city Kolkatta is famous for Durga Pooja, Sandesh and other bengali sweets than the second largest city Asansol is famous for coal mine fields[reserve of coal in West Bengal is more than 22 Billion tons and most of it belongs to area of Asansol] and Railways, In fact this city is the largest employment provider city for the citizens from the eastern area of India, Beside the coal mines many industries are established here some major one are Steel Authority of India, Chitranjan Locomotive works and Hindustan Cable Ltd. In the recent years the city also has become the one of main trading center of the state.

It is said that last tirthankar Mahaveer Vardhman of Jainism was fond of living in this area and presence of many temples prove the high activities of Jainism in the area. History revels that though the coal mines of the area were discovered around the 1770 but it took almost Half decade up to 1820 for the regular and proper mining. Asansol also became famous for the railway activities especially due locomotive workshops. Chitranjan locomotive workshop, first in India is situated here. After the independence Asansol became divisional headquarter of the eastern railways. Locomotive shed here is capable of accommodating more than 100 locomotive engines. The first steam locomotive Deshbandhu, produced here in 1950 was dedicated to nation by honorable President Dr. Rajendra Prasad. On the 14 November 1998 when first electric locomotive Navyug was produce here India was included in the select class of the countries with the capacity of producing electric locomotives. Chitranjan Locomotive workshop is the major contributor for the technical advancement of railways in India. As per the reports up to the economic year ended on 31 March 2006 there are 3380 electric locomotives produce here are on the run.

After the 1947 when free India planed for the multipurpose river valley projects, the first one Damodar Valley Project was started in this area. An artificial lake was constructed behind the dams Maithon and Panchet has exposed this area as the most suitable picnic spot for the lovers of natural beauty. Beside these two dams just 8 km. away from the city is situated one of most ancient Hindu Temple of Lord Shiva “ Baidyanath Dham” According to purans King of Link Mahabali Ravan has brought Jotirling from the kailash and establish here. Another tourist attraction of the area is the Simul Tala famous for flower nurseries and also as the health resort.
The city holds a very high value for the students of mining and those who wish to go deep in the life of labours this is the most suitable place for them. A considerable major portion of Amitabh's famous film Kala Pather was picturised in this area.

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