Monday, November 27, 2006

Alwar: Historic City with Tiger Reserve

Rajasthan the land of forts and desert is also famous for acts of bravery by the Rajput rulers. A city that is closely related with famous Maharaja Pratap Singh and was ruled by Muslims from 13th to 18th century, situated in the hills of famous Aravali moutain Range with rich forests and palaces is the Alwar. The lake surrounded city with a population of about 2 to 2.5 lakhs, is almost at equal distance from National capital [Delhi about 170 km] and state capital [Jaipur 150 km.] and is famous for the Sariska [Tiger Reserve] wild life sanctuary. Traditionally Rajasthan is hot during the summers hence the most suitable time to visit is from mid of September to Mid of March.

In the page of the history city is mentioned as the land of the people who were not with an attitude of liking the interference of external forces in their life style and dare to protest against the encroachment. Sultan Bulban [1267 -1287 A.D.] brought the area under the Muslim rule but it was bravery Kuchhwaha Rajput Maharaja Pratapsingh, who belongs to same group of families of the Jaipur rulers, made this area free from the Mughal regime and ruled with his own Kingly Status.

Among the major tourist attractions of the city some most prominent places are as follows
1] The Bala Fort
2] The City Palace
3] Government Museum
4] Sagar
5] Sariska
6] Vijay Mandir Palace

The Bala Fort: It gives you the bird’s eye vision of the city as being at the height of more than 300 mts. This fort was constructed before the establishment of Mugal Kingdom in the India. Internal carpet area of the fort can be measured as about 5km.expansion in the direction from North to south and about 1.6 km. in the direction from east to west. With the existence of 8 huge towers fort has many gates.

The City Palace: The construction is an illustration of 18th century’s Rajput and Mugal Architect. Presently used as the Museum.

Government Museum : This will take you in the era of almost 200 years back A rich and nice collection of Indian armory is on the show for you. You can also see here “Mahabharat” in paintings prepared by artists from the Alwar School. Many manuscripts in various language, Such as Persian, Arabic, Urdu and Sanskrit, including Biography of Mugal King Babar are available here.

Sagar: the back yard area of City Palace, A piece of land with lush green flora and artificial lake constructed by Maharaja Vinay Singh in 1815. Moosi Maharaj’s Chhatari, with the roof and arches of Bengali style makes the place ideal rest place for the hot summer noons.

Vijay Mandir Palace : The Palace was constructed by Maharaja Jai Singh in 1918. During the Ramnavami place attracts thousands of visitors for the Seeta Ram Temple situated in the premises.

Sarsika: During the 50’s in India Project Tiger was started and in the 1955 area of about 770 From Arvali range has been chosen for the wild life sanctuary. Though the whole Aravali range is worth to watch from the lenses of camera but this valley is the most pictorial part of it. Distance of just 37 km. from the city makes the place assessable. You can see here not only the Tigers but also Nilgai, Sambhar, Chetal, and four horned antelope.

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