Thursday, January 13, 2011

Calangute & Baga Beach – Beach Paradise Goa

Once again I was at my favorite leisure land, world best knows as the Beach Paradise Goa. It was early morning start from Kolhapur at 7 AM (though initial schedule was at 6 AM) on the misty morning of November just after the Diwali. NH4 was covered under the blooming dark cloud of fog and presenting a real heavenly feeling but just after 40 km we were forced to divert as we were heading to Panaji capital of Goa via Amboli route.

This took about 2 hours drive from Gandhinagar Kolhapur to reach at about 9 AM at Amboli, to miss the most famous cloud play of Amboli and watch the splendid view of Kokan skyline. Any way we decided to stop at famous seasonal waterfall of Amboli and have memorable pleasant time of about 45 minutes there.
It was about 12:30 PM when we crossed the Mapusa by pass and by the time, delayed start from Kolhapur has forced us to change our schedule and instead of Colva Beach in south Goa we were heading for the Calangute Beach in north Goa.

This was the first time since 1993, that instead of going for have accommodation first we were on the beach and started enjoying till the mesmerising sunset. It took about 80 minutes to find hotel room at walking distance of just 5 minutes from the famous Baga beach. Having dinner and spending more than 2 hours [9:15 to 11:30 PM] at beach shack of Baga beach is worth to remember.