Friday, October 10, 2008

Scripted Retirement

Scripted Retirement
This is my second blog in the “Scripted” series, I believe you all will enjoy this and Waheguru will bless me for keeping this series in continuation.
Script and Indians are very closely related as our script, what is more popularly called “Destiny” become functional even before our birth on the earth and creates several challenges and problems for facing in a scripted manner.
Indo- Australia test match series is on and in this cricketing land all eyes, from game lovers to selectors, officials of the game to politicians and even the international cricketing scenario is aiming only at the performance of “Prince of Kolkatta” just because Dada already announcement his retirement from the cricket of international level, this series is going to be last opportunity for this great fighter of the game and most successful Indian captain to be representative of motherland on the cricketing field.
There are many talks about the retirement of some senior players from the Indian Cricket team and most people don’t hesitate to say that Sourav Ganguli is the first victim of the policies of BCCI in this regard. Some television news channels have projected this retirement announcement as the scripted retirement under sweet name of “Golden Hand Shake”. There seems to be ample space available for this suspicious happening being a scripted retirement as just 15 days prior to retirement Gaungli was confident of at least two years cricket left with him.
If the retirement of Bengal Tiger is scripted one than surely the script for this start functioning since the Indian tour to Zimbabwe with the dispute between captain and officials. What more can be said about this script, at one time, one of official was reported for saying Ganguli will not be part of Indian team till he is in the selection committee. Country has witness a huge controversy on this issue and finally this great fighter was reselected into Indian squad though not in Captain’s capacity. Things doesn’t stopped here he was kept under such a constant pressure that even though he was getting runs but his confidence and killing attitude, which has made him most successful Indian captain of the history, was missing altogether. All this resulted in making Dada isolated and concentrated within self and look India has suffer all this in the formation of two groups senior and younger in the team. Fortunately or unfortunately meanwhile India went on to win the inaugural Twenty-20 World cup in absence of these five senior players and this almost closed the doors of ODI for these masters of the game. Here I would like to mention that this will be more appropriate to say Pakistan last the match rather than India won. Destiny was on the side of India and was forcing Pakistani players for committing unforced errors. While I am writing this, there is news quoting Ganguli that he was intended to be in the team on his own merits and not on the mercy of others [selectors] and continuously on going humiliating treatment which he was receiving has forced him to announce retirement.
Whatever may be it a scripted or normal retirement but one thing is sure tigers are always path creators and leaders and this great fighting cricketer sourav was, is and will remain known as Bengal tiger. This is certain that retirement announcement of Dada is going to prove a mile stone in the Indian cricket and will prove path indicator for the players for whom age has and will start playing role of all important hurdle.
Time will surly salute Dada for the cricketing skills and making the Indian squad who not only capable of winning the game but successfully takes the war on the fields of opponent and dare to response off ground tactics in the language used by the opponent.

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