Monday, October 06, 2008

India Travel Fun – Making of tourism fun

India Travel Fun – Making of tourism fun
My regular blog readers might be wondering over my long absence from blogosphere but a few of you might know about my professional life related with visulaisation of concepts and shaping them into informative source for the internet in the form of a web site or web portal. Since last 2-3 months I was over busy with my professional life, two of simultaneously on going projects renovation of premier community portal of global Sindhi community and designing a web portal dedicated to tourism of India. As both of these were time bonding projects so it was hard to find off time for my passion. The Sindhu World was completing two years on 29-08-2008 so the renovation work was to be completed before that and by the blessings of Waheguru we had launched renovated version of site on 01-09-2008 though is still not matching with my dream designing but surely this new version is more user friendly and enriched with information.
We had decided, World Tourism Day [27-09-2008] as the deadline for launching our project related to tourism industry and tourist info of India. Surely this second task was more stressful and truly a challenge for our creative team as there are numerous sites already exists for providing information about India tourism. The work started with searching of a suitable domain name, extensive search, a true long exchange of thoughts, and deep insight helped us almost finalizing the domain name and we were just one step away – making click on “Book this domain”, when all of sudden a lightening went through my thought process and finalized domain name was altered. For what purpose we use the word tourism, when another word “travel” best known to masses is there, surely just because this traveling is different, this is travel for the fun, starts with fun, loaded with fun and ends with fun hence before going online I was certain about the domain name and fortunately my search for showed the availability of domain name so without vesting a single second, the domain name was booked.
As the work got momentum with designing the hugeness of information and time available started threatening us because visiting more than 150 cities which we intended to include in “City List” of the site in the time period of less than 40 days and collecting information related with Hotels and Travel agents for every city was truly high asking, finally this was decided to go with available information for the “Travel Tools” and for the rest provision should be made for the online registration. Major part of “Hotel and Travel assistance listing” is free so we believe all the Indian hotel owners, travel agents and tour operators will become part of this information as and when they came to know.
We are strong believer and confident about the utility of information available at alike for the Indian and foreigner travel lovers just because the information is inclusive of 50 + Beaches40 + Churches50 + Monuments and World Heritage Sites25+ Gurudwara [Sikh Temples]50+ Hill Stations50+ Masjids & Dargahs200+ famous temples [Hindu & Jain temples]50+ Wild life destinations125+ Cities Once I had read somewhere “The best tool for sharpening your creativity is be critic of own”. Surely I will like to have a critic look at my own work and share my conclusions with all of you.


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Ambica Reddy said...

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