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Why to Visit India

Why to Visit India

People often ask this question just because in the past this happens to be vision of some people to look at India as the backward, facility less and land of religiously divided narrow minded citizens where sufis and sadhus are busy in cheating huge illiterate masses. These people had tried to disperses their this wrong vision about the land of Vedas, Work field of Buddha and Mahatama Gandhi, a country among the top seven countries in terms of land, second in population, highly populated democratic set up of ruling, country with almost 1000 languages and dialects, a true diversity in religious faith with about 80% Hindu population but freedom for Muslim, Shikh, Zoroastrians, Jains, Buddhists and all other small communities, a country from which citizens have highest ratio in the technical staff of companies like Microsoft, Doctors, Engineers and other professional of which country are always in demand in European countries, America and United Kingdom and above all world’s most progress economy of last 2-3 decades.

I am aware of the fact many of you might undergoing the disputed and confused mental status about traveling and tourism in Incredible India, so I am putting another seven important reason for India tourism.

1] Probably India is the only country with a long, over 7000 kilometer long coastline, hence there is beyond imagining attractions for lovers of aqueous. Water streams of north Indian states like Jammu Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Uttara Pradesh etc. are ideal places for water sports like, for skiing, fishing, yachting, kayaking etc.

2] From Goa to Adman Nicobar Island you will find a great number of beaches. India is the only country where you can plan a beach tour for the duration of your vacation and still either you have to make hurry or leave something unseen for the next vacation.

3] There is Himalayan mountain range as northern boundary of the country; South and east are the land of Indo- Gangetic area, where as in the west one can find desert like Thar, with all these diversified landscape no other country can match with India in greatest opportunities available for the eco tourism.

4] Mountain Railways, included in the list of World Heritage Sites of UNESCO is a life time memory and one of major reason for visiting India. There are some luxurious train tours like “Palace on Wheel” where almost all five star tourist hotel facilities can be enjoyed while traveling. One can find these trains in many Indian states like Rajasthan and Maharashtra.

5] With being the land of World Oldest knowledge books “Vedas” and largest university at “Nalanda & Takshshila” country is in abundance with historical monuments. This is ideal place for historical research scholar and citizen having interest in knowing about the historical facts of development of human societies. Tajmahal of Agra included in Seven Wonders of the World is one of the major attractions of India tourism for the world travelers. India is also land of forts and Palaces [many of palaces are turned into tourist stay homes hence this provided a chance of living with kingly status] that creates opportunity in looking back into history.

6] Another tourist attraction for India tourism is religious tourism, Char Dham Yatra, Kailash Mansarovar are the famous pilgrimage traveling. Urse of Khaja Mainuddin Chishti, at Ajmer in Rajasthan attracts Muslim devotees from all parts of globe. Dharamshala in the Himachal Pradesh is major activity center of Dalai Lama, Sanchi is centre of Buddhist religion, Golden Temple Amritsar is the most scared worshiped place of Sikhism, In the states of Kerala and Goa not only higher population of Christians can be observed but also one can find many historic Churches, Cathedrals and monuments related with the history of Christianity. Cave temples of Ajantha, Ellora, Elephanta and Badami are also among the tourist attractions of India.

7] Along with diversity of human culture, customs and traditions, India is richer with the huge number of flora & Fauna, hence is an ideal spot for the nature lovers. There are numerous reserve forests, National Parks and Bird Sanctuaries with tourist stay facilities to welcome one who find it interesting and thrilling to watch the wildlife in natural habitat. Abundance of forests provides scope for herbal treatment of diseases, Kerala beaches are world famous for herbal body massage.

With the high speed roads, mega highways, government help for developing the infra structural tourist facilities, increased internal air travel facilities and economically less expensive India is turning into” treasure trove" in true sense. I am sure for your next vacation; your dream tourist destination will be none else but India, Incredible India, a traveler’s paradise in all means.

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