Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Tourism and Rains

Tourism and Rains

When any body thought of touring India, he/ she often advice to avoid planning the tour in the months from July to September, just because these months are the rainy season in India. This is decades old understanding that during this season Indian situations and infra structural facilities are not adequate to meet with these wet, cold and humid climates. Unfortunately commercial of some well known hotels located at some of famous Indian tourist spots and cities, offering a cut in price of packaged tours, prove helpful for making this myth more and more, stronger.

This was the fact that India have sufficient heavy rains and in the past roads were not equipped with the facility of facing the excess flow of rainy flood water as a result of which, often the roads get blocked for hours and hours, days and days. Surely in those conditions tourist were forced to stay at a particular spot for the duration longer than the planning and have to suffer economically, beside that they might also forced either to cut down some places from their scheduled tour itinerary or to extended their tour period.

Rain water had flown very heavily in these 60 years of independence and country has marched a long on infra structural front also, along with so many modernization steps and technological achievements. Most of the Indian roads barring a few remote and hilly regions are know equipped to face these seasonal flood situations and keep on going with traffic. This makes the above advice a myth in true sense.

Rainy Tourism in India

India being a country, rich with nature, flora and fauna, hence there are abundant opportunities for tourism in this season, as during this time earth goes under lavish green cover, water reservoirs gets filed with water and water falls starts getting over flowed.

India is country of festivals also and many of Hindu festivals like, Nag Panchami, Shrikrishan Janamashtami, Puri Rath Yatra etc. are celebrated during this season, hence this is the most appropriate time to visit and get experience of Indian life with ancient glory and present modernization along with having a look on nature at its best.

One has to plan the tour properly to enjoy fullest without much disturbance from rains. If we look in India rains gets starting with south India and goes on in the north direction, hence one should start the tour in July by visiting Kerala, witnessing mesmerizing water falls, boat race etc. and keep on moving in north to reach Mathura for the Janamashatmi [Birthday celebrations of God Shrikrishna].

India tourism goes to dead end in rainy season is purely a myth and you can prove it so by enjoying the Indian rains.

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