Saturday, March 15, 2008

We the Indians

We the Indians

It is said that we are living in the democratic set up with all the freedom of expressing self and raising a voice to protest if any injustice at any walk of life. Have you ever though about these expressions and protesting voices? How much these are real and our own one?

At different walk of life we come across with the bios behavior of livings from the human world. The most recent one which may be quoted as the illustration is one that of Mr. Proctor, ICC match referee, at Sydney cricket test match between India and Australia. Australians had put allegation of racial comments against the Indian off spinner Harbhajan and even in the lack of decisive evidences match referee went on to punish Indian players, in the vision of Indian media this was the classic example of bios behavior, thanks that ICC appeal commissioner disagreed with the views of match referee and the probable division of cricketing world has been avoided. Don’t you think there is a little bit truth in the views of Australian media that decision of ICC appeal commissioner is influenced by the monetary powers held by BCCI in the cricketing world?

Look at Indians how easy to influence our thought process just because we are living with national quality of very short memory with an attitude of compromising with the situations with almost nil opposition. It is not the recent development that, though it appears like that, politicians always find ample space to get our emotions going on fire even for the issues which can be ignored continently for the sack of safe guarding of our social life. Look how the numerous televisions channels in the country are exploiting us for their huge economic gains. These channels are prompting us for being active on the issues nothing to do with our day to day life, neither day have an impact on our personal or social life. The most recent one is number game dispute among the Aamir Khan and Shahrukh Khan [the two actors from bollywood]. Does this number game war is going to affect life of common Indian in aspect? Surely the answer will be negative one but still these channels are projecting it as the most important happening of Indian social life and prompting people to express one’s views over the issue by SMS, so it can add enormously to the earnings of channels.

British rulers were aware of this attitude of Indians; hence they start working on it for influencing Indian thoughts for safe guarding of their rule over the country. They had opted education system for the purpose because any other method is capable of influencing one generation for a shorter period where as the affects produced through the education system not only goes for a considerable larger / huge period of time but also go on affecting generations and generations. Unfortunately after the independence no serious vision has been developed towards the educational system and almost the same system kept in continuation, look at the results, present Indian youth is considering self as the improvised version of human beings over own parents. The worst and dangerous scenario is that youth as started to treat the older generations as primitive one, unable to cope with changing times and subsequently making self deprived of rich life experiences of parents and grand parents. All this is prompting youth to fall pray of confusing thoughts and conflict over the choice of life style and thus get own life encircled with numerous avoidable pressures and stresses.

Look the effect of these influenced thoughts process; it keeps us so busy that we are unable to concentrate on the important issues of the life. How and to what a great extant we are fearful about the AIDS that we are not able to even think of non moral behavior of younger generations, being created as the result of their early exposure to condoms and other contraceptives, which are hugely advertised as the mean for the safer sex to safe guard one from this deadly disease AIDS. Is the AIDS more deadly in compare of the development of social attitude of youth by these aggressive advertisements? In fact it has increased the sexuality in our social life to such a great extant that in a country where women was worshiped as the Goddess in the past, presently is unable to find a safer place for calm and fearless existence.

I believe my this writing will sufficiently influence your thoughts and surely will prompt you for giving a second thought to things before acting and expressing reactions over a social happening.

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