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Black Cricketing Sunday at Sydney

Black Cricketing Sunday at Sydney

This is not a game this is a war and everything is fair in the war, history will not discuses the way of your victory but will remember you for your victory, might be the mind of Ricky Pointing was being dominated by this thought when umpire asked him about the catch of Sourav Ganguli and even not being so sure he hold his finger up. A mistake or thoughtful action we can say because it results in what will take Pointing’s name in the record books of the game. All this had turned the game of Gentlemen into game of shame.

You might believe it are not but the fact is that while my discussion with my son over the issue of Harbhajan and Andrew, I told him that match referee will go on to punish Harbhajan with a ban. “How will they can do when there are no evidence against Bhazi?” was the question of my son, and my response was “I don’t know but surely this will happen, for keeping the compromising ground ready, for the facing the emotion storm of Indians, as there are very strong waves of anger and protest among the cricket lovers through out the country, as in this match neither India had last the match nor Australians have won but match has been allotted to Australia by the umpires. The anger is very much high because if the umpires had not favored Australia at the various crucial moments of the game surely India was going to win and make the series at levels. All this will force BCCI to take some strong action and punishment of Harbhajan can be taken as compromising factor”.

In few hours time my speculation proved correct and Harbhjan singh was punished for a three match ban for calling “Big Monkey” to Andrew Symonds, though there were no evidence just two other players were saying that they heard Harbhajan pronouncing this word, but even if we take it that Harbhajan has pronounced so called word than firstly I wonder the how the Ricky Pointing and Australian team forget that they have been guilty of almost pushing the BCCI president Sharad Power from the Dias in a prize ceremony at Mumbai were escaped from the punishment just because BCCI President and Indians have taken their action in sporting way and had not complained. It seems that all this was planned only for Pointing who was finding this Indian spinner almost unplayable. This verdict recalled me a scene from the Maharashtra, when Yudhastra last him self, brothers and wife Dropadi. Duryodhan asked Dushasan to take all the cloths of Dropadi and make her naked, at that time Dropadi asked Bhisham Pitamah, “O! Grand father you have fame of being the expert and knowing the true meaning of religion, does this action of Kouravs is standing with the religious norms and tradition of civilized society?” Bhisham Pitamah replied “Dropadi don’t ask me the minute details of religion, what I can say that whatever the winner or powerful says that is the truth, religion and mark of civilization.”

After the episode of “Murali” once again Australians had proved that at least in the cricketing world they are powerful and winner, but they are forgetting one thing that it is quite possible that in the future all the star Indian players, like the Murali might refuse to tour Australia.
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