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Mount Abu: Hill Station in Desert land

The nature that has filled the land of Rajputs with sandy desert has also made arrangement for the rescue of Rjasthanis form hot summer by providing this place of high religious values. The only cool hilly destination in the sandy desert land of Rajasthan is the Mount Abu.

Mount Abu a place known to world as the summer resort of Chouhan Dynasty and headquarter of the residents related with Rajputana during the British rule over India, is so hugely covered with lush green shrubs and forests, that this southern end of Aravali range of mountains is many time referred as green oasis of desert that covers almost all the Rajasthan. The presence of flowery shrubs makes the place most scenic.

In the Vedic era the city was known as Mount Arbuda, the story behind this goes like Once Mooni Vashishta’s cow Nandani was trapped in hills with narrow opening and for rescue prayed to lord Shiva, who in turn ask Goddess Saraswati [Goddess of Knowledge]. Mooni Vashishta wishes to avoid such incidents in future so he asked to youngest son Himalaya for a permanent solution who in turn with the help of Arbuda- the mighty snake covered the entire gorge of the mountain. Present name Mount Abu is originated from this name. It also faith that all the 33carores God and Goddesses of Hindus have visited this mountain which is unique and adds to the importance of the place. Yet another page from the history of cities states that near the cow head natural spring Mooni Vashishta performed a Yagya and generated Agnicula to protect humanity from the attacks of evil forces.

Mount Abu is not just a hill station but is a place of winds of high velocity and presence of wired rocks produce most staining music. Lord Mahaveera – 24th tirthankar of Jainism also visited the city which presently become a pilgrimage due to presence of Delwara Jain Temples. The city is connected with world by Air [Nearest Airport Udaipur], train [nearest railway station Mount Abu Road about 20 km. away] and by bus.

Places of Tourist Attraction

Delwara Jain Temples are the star tourist attraction of the city. There are two temples dedicated to Adinath [First tirthankar] and Neminath [22nd tirthankar] respectively and named as Vimal Vasahi [Built in 1031] and Tejpal Temple [built in 1231]. These temples were constructed by the ministers of Gujrat rulers, Vimal vasahi by Vimal and Tejpal Temple by Tejpal brothers Tejpal and Vastupal. The temples are the true illustration of genius architect of that era. Craving of marble stones to such a great efficiency that at some places the stone become transparent makes the tourist mesmerized and visitor remains spell bound while looking at the lotus flower hanging from the center of dome.

Museum and Art Gallery This is another prominent tourist spot of the city. Here you will find various types of ornaments special earrings and the Garments used by the native people. Series of miniature paintings based on the rag raginis is indicating the ancient art. Another attraction is the craved statutes of Devdasis from the era of 6th Century A.D. to 12th Century A.D. Among the almost 400 sculptures available here most notable are VishKanya, Surya, Shiva, the chanvar vahini and laxmi.

Like the most of hill stations Abu is also famous for the scenic view of Sun set and there is an especial place View point for this which is just 1 km. from the city heart and one can fell the Royal life by going there on riding horse.

Gomukh Temple, Aadhar Devi Temple, Honeymoon point, Shri Raghunathji Temple and Nakki Lake are some other places worth to watch. Headquarter of World famous religious Prajapati Brahamkumari is also situated here.

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