Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Almora: Capital of Hills

According to Hindu faith trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh is creating, looking after and destroying the universe. To perform the task these Gods have to be born on the earth as one or other incarnation. In India one can find numerous places and temples dedicated to the incarnations of the God and named accordingly. One such region is Kumaun dedicated to Kurmaavtar [Tortoise incarnation of God Vishu], though the deity of the region is Nanda Devi. Rulers of the area were the Kayuri and Chand dynasty. History indicates that Almora city was founded by the King Kalyan Chand in the 1560. In the words of our father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi, He was amazed why the people were going to Europe for the search of health, when a place like Almora with health supporting climate and most beautiful nature is there in India.

The city is constructed on the horse saddle shaped rock between the rivers Kosi and Suyal. If you wish to have panoramic view of peaks of Himalayan range covered with white [Snow] Almora is most suitable place. The rich fauna and flora of the adjoining area in addition to climate and scenic wonders are supporting the adverb Capital of Hills used for the city.

During the visit to tourist spots of north India, one district which leaves footprints in the memory of the tourist for its rich picturesque natural beauty, magnificent wild life, rich cultural heritage and climate to support health is Almora presently part of Uttranchal State.

There is no direct Air or Train leading to Almora. If you wish to travel by air you can go up to Pantnagar famous for the Agriculture University and from there by a road journey of about 130 km. will take you to this place. You will have to detrain at Kothgodam railway station, situated at a distance of about 90 km. from the Almora; again to reach the city you have travel by road. This journey of about 3 hours, on the roads like the snake walk with the most beautiful scenic nature and healthy climate not only gives your eye the matchless experience but will also touch your soul.Kumaun Mandal Holiday Home just about 2km. from the bus stand is an ideal and affordable place to stay at Almora.

Local Tourist spots
Nanda Devi Temple
Bright End Corner
Kaser Devi Temple
Cranks Ridge
Upreti Khola

There are many places in the vicinity of Almora city, which can be considered as the must visit places such as

Katarmal: A place famous for the 800 years old Temple of God Sun is about 17km. away from the city.

Jogeshwar: A fair held during the monsoons every year is a star attraction for the people. There are about 120 temples. Mahabharata also have some references for the place.

Ranikhet: famous as the regimental centre of the Kumaun regiment of Indian Army is just 50 km. away from the city. Presence of Pine and Oak trees, filling the sky of Ranikhet with a healthy climate and balmy breeze makes it pollution free.

Kausani: Birth place of famous poet Sumitranandan Pant is just 52 km. away. The place is famous for the close view of Himalayan peaks and greenery.

Binsar: At the distance of just 30 km and under the Wild life sanctuary where one can see Panther and Barking Deer. The place is circled by forest and temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

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