Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Indian Cities - Agartala

Know About Agartala
Agartala is the capital city of Tirpura state and situated almost on the boundary of India with Bangladesh. City offers truly suspenseful exotic world heavily enriched with genuine diversity of flora and fauna because nature has blessed the area so abundantly that one will love to visit here again and again, beautiful palaces, gardens, hills, temples and lakes and picturesque surroundings will force you for just one word Splendid and Amazing. Architectural monuments and The red government buildings are adding to tourist value of city.
Agartala City Tourist Spots /Must Visit
BenuVan Vihar
Kunjavan Palace
Maharaja Veer Vikram College
State Museum
Ujjayanta Palace

Agartala: Spoken Languages :

Kokborok (Tripuri language) - Manipuri - Chakma - Nepali - Hindi - English. for complete travel info about Agartala

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