Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Kolhapur – Next I. T. and Industrial Hub of Maharashtra

Kolhapur – Next I. T. and Industrial Hub of Maharashtra

Since last decade or so Kolhapur city and district is looked up as the potential of being the next I. T. and industrial hub of Maharashtra state. The only hurdle was a little bit lack of infrastructural facilities here and there. Electric supply for the industry was one among the prominent infrastructural short coming, which is now being addressed with the “Power Grid Station” of one thousand Mega watts capacity, to be erected on the land expanded into 250 Acres of area at the Kalmbe Turf Thane near the city. Surely this is going to prove the much awaited boost for the enrichment of industrial growth in the area.

In the past also Kolhapur was considered for the “Sub Station” by the Power Grid Corporation but at that time political pressures shifted the project to Solapur. Now according to official sources as reported in local news papers, land for the project already has been acquired and plant erection work will start from January 2008. It will involve investment of Rs. 700 carores and will take almost three years to make the plant functional.

The project will not only solve the problem of industrial electricity supply but will effect in multiple ways. It will result in enrichment of industrial atmosphere of district in the direct dimensions; while in the indirect way will increase chances of regular air travel facility, though at present there is Air port at Kolhapur but without regular flights. It will also attract a boost for real estate sector, especially in the area near the plant. The proposed plant will distribute, electricity generated at atomic plants in Karanataka, through out the Maharashtra state.

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