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Abode of Lord Krishana : Jaganathpuri

Abode of Lord Krishana : Jaganathpuri

[World Famous Chariot Procession]

India, the piece of land from the globe, is most famous for the religious rituals and is known as the birth palce of many incarnations of the God. No other piece of land on earth can match the salvation properties hold by this land, the unique way of religious life style attracts millions and billions from other parts of the world towards India with a hopefull look of guiding them on the path of spirituality. On this land you will find every day and every walk of human life is related with one or other religious/spiritual ritual. Every socio religious celebration has a specific colobration with a particular God/ Goddess and is a step forward towards the salvation, the ultimate destination of human life. Some places of this land are have fame of being abode of God like Kailash is the abode of Lord Shiva, so is the Puri [Orissa] is the abode of Lord Krishna and is famous for "Rath Yatra" [Chariot Procession] This year this Rath Yatra is taking place on 16th July.
Puri or Jaganathpuri is famous as the city of temples some of famous temples of the city are:

Gundicha Temple

Astasambhu Temple

Astachandi Temple

Panchatirtha Temple

Loknath Temple

Chakratirtha Temple

Chakranarayan Temple

Daria Mahabir Temple

Ardhasani Temple

Siddha Mahavir Temple

Jameswara Temple

Alabukeswara Temple

Kapalamochana Temple / Manikarnika

Daksinakali Temple

Syamakali Temple

Dasavatara Temple

The Temple of Seven Mother Goddesses

Mausima Temple

A religious festival in a city with so many temples is just as the walk of day to day life hence visitors always get a chance to witness one or other socio religious celebration, but annual Rath Yatra has not only is specific in this arena but also attracts some milloins from all part of the country. Reports says that budget of this Rath Yatra goes over the US$ 10 millions as the preprations goes on through out the year, This Rath Yatra is specific in the way that chariots are pulled neither by animals nor the mechanical power but the devotees, which takes many hours to cover the distance of about 1.5 km from the Sinh Dwar [lion gate] of main temple to Janakpur, where Lord Krishna [Jagananth Ji] takes rest for three days and meet with Godess Laxmi [Godess of wealth] before returning back main temple. According to Sikand Puran the frist chariot for this journey was constructed by the Vishawkarma, the ever first architect and designer of human beings and modern chronologist dates writing of Puranas to the seventh century, it means this Rath Yatra is a centuries old tradition.

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