Monday, June 11, 2007

Maharshtra Tourism

Lush green hilly planes, calm clean and scenic sea shores, historical monuments,Wild life and reserve forests, Stone caved window to history these are the few words that can replace the word "Maharashtra Tourism" .

About the State

Word "Marathi", used for the natives and basis for the nomenclature of the state as Maharashtra, has historical roots, In the seventh century many of native of this land were associated with the profession of Chariot drivers "Rathi", history revels that in the 90 A.D. they have formed a group of fighters "Maharathi". Maharashtra is the state with a glorious past, pleasant present and fantastic future. The state is among the most advanced states of the country. Mumbai, the economic capital of the country is part of state. Here while your tour your are sure to found and feel the presence of most effective mixture of culture, traditions and technology. The per capita income of the state is 60% higher than the national average, state is among the high industrialised lands of India and contributes for 22% of India's net value-added output in the organized industrial sector-way ahead of any other state. The official language is Marathi with about 42 dialects, beside these Maharashtrians are also using Hindi,Gujrati and English in their day to day life, hence language is not going to prove hurdle for the enjoyment of your travel here. You will find at every place, sufficient accommodation facilities to meet with your budget, from five star luxury suites to shared rooms. The pure maharashtrian cuisine like the Misal, Kokani Fish Fry, Tambada and Pandhra Rasa, Kande Pohe, Jhunka Bakhari, Puran Poli, will not only prompt you to visit state again and again but also will keep your mouth watering for the years to come.

About your tour

Before you plan your tour have a look

Temperature: Summer 22°C-39°C Winter 12°C-34°C

Tourist Season :Sep to Apr (Coast) Jun to Sep (Hill Stations)

Airports : Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Aurangabad, Nashik, Sholapur

Mode of Transport : Excellent Air, Rail and Road links are available for travel within the state and around.

List of religious places includes :

Afghan Memorial [Colaba Mumbai]

Ambadevi Temple [Amravati]

Anwa Temple [Aurangabad]

Ayappa Temple [Mumbai]

Bahubali Temples [Kolhapur]

Bibi Ka Maqbara [Aurangabad]

Buddist Caves of Ajantha [A World Heritage site- Jalgaon]

Kailash Temple [Ellora-Aurangabad]

Nageshwar Temple [Pune]

Osho Ashram [Pune]



Sidhi Vinayak [Mumbai]

Shri Hazur Sahib,Sachkhand Saheb [Nanded]

Trimbkeshwar [Nashik]

If you are a domestic traveler I will suggest to go to and plan you travel, as Maharashtra is a state with a quite large geographical area, so you can make parts of your Maharashtra Tourism, as for as the upper class domestic and foreigner travelers are concerned I will suggest them to have a tour with Deccan Odysee "A palace on wheal train" for maharashtra tourism. It is a life time experience of one week long comfortable and luxurious train journey that covers almost all the prominent travel destinations of the state. You can book your journey tickets online at the same site and have a look at your day to day journey schedules. Among the star attractions are unexplored see shores of Kokan are most important, you can even plan your trip only for these by making Kolhapur base camp.


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Maharashtra is known for its caves, some of which are World Heritage sites. It is having many attractions for sight seeing. Thanks for sharing about Religious places in Maharastra.
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