Monday, October 23, 2006

Kamayakhya Temple Guwahati

India is said to be country of religions, saints and souls of high caliber from the regime of spirituality. In India you are intended to found Temples equal to population or even more. All these pages I wish to load with the information about the some of the most famous and significant Hindu Temples. To start with I have chosen this temple only because of being situated in the east, - the direction of sun rise and this is my sunrise for exploring India.
Guwahati, the city Pragjyotishpur, as was known in ancient time, is situated on banks of river Brahamputra, the life line of Assam and limits of the city are marked with the mountain Nelachal. People of the area used to call Red river to Brahamputra where as the Nelachal Mountain is also referred as the blue mountain, so if you wish you can say that Guwahati is the city of Red River and blue mountain. Just two km. from the city is the Kamayakhya temple, a temple of Sati [Wife of Lord Shiva - The terminator of the universe] constructed by the Kamdev and Rati [God & Godess of Love] with the statues of Bhairav and sixty four Yoginis. As Kamdev with the help of Vishawkarama [God of Builiding construction] constructed this temple hence the area becomes famous as the Kamroop and there are so many stories about the magic of Kamrrop.
The temple was under the layers of time and was brought back in the notice way back in Shak Sambat 1681, when the King Rajeshwar Sing from the Ahom dynasty invited Pandit Krishnand from the simila not only for taking care of the temple but also to teach the people about the Shaiv Mat of Hindu religion.
Some of the most famous events and worships of this temple are
Ambovasi Utsav
Dev Dhani
Ratani Shyama Pooja
Basanti Pooja
Rajeshwari Pooja
During these events and days of worship the number of visiting devotees and tourist from all over India goes up to 15- 20 thousands, which is almost ten times of average daily visitors. The natural beauty of the surroundings is making this a place, worth to visit.


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